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    Lucifer leaned in, eyes narrowing as he studied himself in the mirror. His skin was peeling and red. Yesterday his skin had been smooth and a bit flaky, but now as he rubbed a hand over his cheek, Lucifer could pick off small bits of skin. He grimaced.

    “Ew,” He leaned forward even more, pulling at his cheek.

    Bits of skin shifted with his tug and he immediately stopped, though a small bit of raised skin caught his attention. Turning his cheek, Lucifer caught a glimpse of welts forming along the right edge of his cheekbone.

    “Gross.” His wings ruffled slightly as he leaned back, features settling into a slight glare. He pulled his hood up and exited the bathroom. Michael threw his book down and smirked at Lucifer.

    “You get enough beauty sleep last night, Lucy?”

    “Shut it,” Lucifer glared in his older brother’s general direction as he slid out of the room, heading up to the third floor and scrambling up his ladder into the attic. Michael’s laughter followed him.

    Once in his room, Lucifer padded over towards the small window and the seat there, looking outside. Father was out on the lawn, watching Anna and Castiel run around on the grass. Raphael was sitting on the steps beside him, watching the kids as they ran around, nudging Balthazar with his foot. Lucifer could just imagine Raph telling Balthy to go join his siblings in playing tag. He was just starting to get to that age where he didn’t want to associate with the younger set of kids, but wasn’t as old as Michael, Raphael, Lucifer, or even little Gabriel.


    Lucifer turned his head and shifted his wings, huffing out a sigh. Gabriel’s little blond head poked up through the floor, wide golden eyes searching the room quickly until the rested on his older brother by the window.

    “Hey. Michael said you were up here brooding. You want to brood with company?” Gabriel kept coming up the stairs anyways, carefully making sure his lollipop didn’t collect any dust. The boy popped it into his mouth as he sauntered over to Lucifer, who automatically rearranged his wings and stretched out, knowing that Gabe would do his best to curl into the older brother.

    He said he didn’t like it but — well, it was Gabriel. And out of all his brothers, probably the one he could stand the longest. Michael was arrogant, Raphael had a stick up his ass, and Balthy, Anna, and Castiel were all too young to really talk to.

    Gabriel crawled into his lap, sitting on his lap and ducking his head to peer up at Lucifer’s features through the shadow thrown by his hood. “So why’re we sulking today?”

    Lucifer sighed, the corners of his lips turning down as he grumbled slightly. “It’s nothing, Gabe. Why aren’t you outside with the others?”

    Gabriel shrugged, pulling his lollipop out of his mouth and twirling the stick between his fingers. “I don’t feel like playing tag, and besides, it’s hot out. Not to mention Raph’s already pissed at me for getting silly-string in his wings.”

    Lucifer snorted, a small smirk lifting up the corners of his lips. “You started out early today, didn’t you?”

    “Yea, well, he was being an ass to Cas, so I figured I could even out the odds.” They both knew that their younger brother was too innocent and naive to really stand up for himself. Lucifer scratched his nose, fighting a smile at the thought of Raphael covered in bright silly-string. His hood was nocked a bit off, which he wouldn’t have noticed if it weren’t for Gabriel’s slightly widened eyes.

    Quickly, Lucifer tried to pull his hood down, but the younger brother was faster. Gabriel was pushing the hood back, a light smile playing around his lips. “Is that why we’re sulking?”

    Lucifer grunted. “I feel like someone burned me with a cheese grater.” He eyed Gabriel for a moment as the other studied his features.

    Gabriel simply shrugged. “It’s not even that bad. I mean, Michael’s hair is pink.”

    Lucifer’s brows furrowed and he cocked his head. “What?”

    “Well, at least it should be by now—” They heard a shout downstairs that shook the walls. Gabriel grinned wickedly.

    Lucifer laughed, his hand coming up to ruffle his younger brother’s hair. “C’mon, lets hide you away before Michael decides to smite you for that.”

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