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  1. WELL NOW THAT YOU MENTION IT here are some tips I tend to follow:

    1. rip off other artists

    no, don’t trace their art or claim it as your own, LEARN FROM IT. Look at the colouring, the lines, the composition, look at the style, practice drawing in that style, and read A LOT of tutorials.

    2. draw “ugly” things

    muffin tops, thunder thighs, saggy breasts, that dip where the hip meets the leg, double chins, etc. These “ugly” things are what make people perfect and most importantly, human. EXPLOIT THEM they will make your art so much more interesting than looking at plastic barbie dolls

    3. have trouble drawing something? draw it OVER AND OVER AND OVER until you WANT to draw it

    I went through weeks of just drawing hands eurgh I’m still not the best at it but I’m doing a LOT better than when I first started!! plus I actually like drawing them now

    4. a doodle a day keeps the art block away

    draw everyday I don’t care if you don’t want to draw just doodle something it’s better than nothing plus you will feel so accomplished after you do so and you will improve SO FAST if you are constantly pushing yourself to try and draw new things

    it will keep the creative juices flowing and hopefully keep that nasty art block away!!

    5. find a style you’re comfortable in? good, now make it better

    if you lean back and kick your feet up once you have “found” your style you might as well just give up right then and there

    I have seen COUNTLESS artists get stuck in ONE specific style and they just, don’t improve………ever

    they just draw the same characters doing the same things in the same poses 

    even if you find your style, try and make it better! You will always be improving, never forget that

    6. surround yourself with positive art influences 

    follow your art idols and be inspired by them! DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED

    hate when people see a younger artist who is very talented at art and they break out into a hissy fit of “UGH I GIVE UP THAT PERSON IS SO MUCH YOUNGER BUT SO MUCH BETTER I AM NEVER GONNA BE GOOD AT ART UGH”

    well I guess it’s cause they were practicing while you were complaining??

    also, FRIENDS. Have lots of artist friends! They will inspire you to no end. Some of them will also come loaded with a bunch of great advice!

    be cautious of people who will try to discourage you though, and do NOT let it get to you. Keep your head high and draw what ever the fuck you want cause that’s why it’s great to be an artist

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