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  1. thecorruptedquietone:

    Three of Swords; the trinity of the suit of swords piercing the sorrow of the mind, for the sorrow must be felt and experienced before closure and relief may come; often a reference to loss.

    The Magician held the first Sword, the Sword of Intellect and Communication he received after, in presence of the Fool, called upon the powers and elements of the World. 

    The Emperor sat on the Throne of Stone, between his tightly clasped hands holding the Sword of Will and Order, which he wields to maintain the solidity of his organised Empire.

    The Justice dwells within a body known to a Fair Soul, using Him as a Vessel so he may live on Earth and hold the Sword of Law and Virtue, Divine Strength and Cardinal Prudence flowing through Him. 

             The Storm pierces the Heart, and so The Swords let Crimson flow
               Unto the Earth, flooding the Ground with its Sorrow, while the Trinity
                 Of the Major Arcana let their Sadness and Blood seep the Soil. 

    (Source: astroize)

  2. Anonymous asked: can you teach me how to find the length of body parts? i'm really bad at proportion and sometimes one arm will be longer than the other and the neck will be too weird lookin' and then I will scream

    draw a head and then measure everything against that head (these are ideal proportions but they are a good groundwork to work with until you get better at anatomy and can start exaggerating)

    draw an eye and then measure the length of the facial features against that eye

    there is going to be a lot of variation in anatomy especially in the face!! case and point: drawing different ethnicities

  3. Anonymous asked: I'm sorry but I see your sketch of femHaytham and all I can think of is the cat alien captain from Treasure Planet.

    DID YOU MEAN CAPTAIN AMELIA AKA MY ROLE MODEL cause yeah she kinda does LOL I didn’t even realize it until other people pointed it out

    SO I got to thinking about treasure planet and I doodled femtham in captain amelia’s actual clothes but then I added in charles lee and now I see treasure planet in a whole new light:

    I think amelia wore the taco hat better tbh:

  4. Anonymous asked: yo bro do you like sherlock? you seem like the kind of gal to take a liking to it

    clearly you have not looked at my NSFW art tag


  5. my sexuality is kenway

  6. some sketches of my argonian, Djinni uwu

    the first pic is actually a redraw of this which I did last april!! hot dang my art has changed a lot

    have a kid!Djinni too:

  7. Anonymous asked: draw your favorite character in the clothes you are wearing right now

    sleepy wrexie

  8. an expression meme featuring haytham

    can I get a job drawing hot templar dads lol

  9. Anonymous asked: what's something that you've regret drawing or refuse to draw?

    I regret drawing my spn doodle pages cause the notes for those things are annoying as hell and I turned off notifications for that reason lol 

    and there is a lot of stuff I refuse to draw; it mainly involves fetish art (aka all of the stuff seen on sociallyunacceptableart), animal cruelty, depression related things (people cutting themselves), etc

    i just like drawin’ boys makin out

  10. Anonymous asked: (other anon) just post more drawings and it would be enough for me, i'm seriously in love with your art uvu///

    WELL HEY!! thanks dude! have some crappy sketches from my personal

  11. Anonymous asked: yo when are you doing another live stream?

    i dunno!! lol they aren’t scheduled or anything I just do them randomly when I draw

  12. medieval poop thing i guess whatever


    The crowd of broken and dripping bodies parts around Castiel, men scattering away from the strength of his wings as he cuts them down, and Castiel sees him.

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  13. potatocrisp asked: ac3 high school au connor is learning to drive and paul revere is the instructor GO LEFT CONNOR GO LEFT